Hogar Plus

A product designed for expatriates, adapted to several kinds of homes:

  • First home
  • Second home
  • Rented dwelling (permanent or temporary)
  • Vacant dwelling

4 modalities that adapt to your needs:

  • Hogar Plus Essential: our basic offer.
  • Hogar Plus Optimum: our intermediate offer improving upon the basic.
  • Hogar Plus Elite: high-end product designed for first and second homes.
  • Hogar Plus Personalisable: customised, where you will be able to choose what is best suited to your needs.

And all of these services to make your life much easier:

“Handyman” Service
This DIY service provides you professional assistance in your home for performing certain installation tasks you may require to be done.
Appliance repairs
Appliance repair service at your home that can be requested 24 hours a day every day of the year.
Legal advice
Legal advice on any private issues you may require.
Medical advice
Guidance with respect to healthcare services and circuits, doubts about treatments prescribed and the like.
Computer advice
Advice on any kind of computer incident in the private sphere.